NISA Lankaran Training

NISA Lankaran Training 22 Nov 2013

Lankaran, 22 November 2013

NISA Lankaran Training was held in Ab Gala hotel, where 30 students came together in a unique environment. The event commenced with an opening speech made by the Executive Director of NATO International School of Azerbaijan, Tural Ahmadov, who succinctly underlined the importance of the regional training, introduced the Romanian Ambassador Mr. Ciobanu and representative of MFA of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Vugar Gurbanov and outlined the daily program. Along with the students, representative of Lankaran Local Authority and Dean of the Lankaran State University took part in the training.

Upon the introduction, the Ambassador made a speech on NATO’s role in a global security and its evolution since its inception. Students’ questions were intriguing which touched upon NATO’s role in conflict intervention, peacekeeping mission, and NATO-Azerbaijan partnership and so forth.

In the second panel, MFA representative Mr. Vugar Gurbanov highlighted some underlying issues in foreign and security policy, elaborated the notion of Euro-Atlantic integration and security. Active participation of students was overwhelmingly stunning. The questions, albeit sometimes elementary, showed how enthusiastic they were.

The training was of paramount significance since it provided a unique format where students actively listened to presentations made by distinguished guests and got involved in a team work afterwards.

After lunch, activity was designed to bring students together in six different groups and assigned each group a specific task. Upon deliberate discussion, each team made a presentation and discussed how talks were conducted among the teams. The group work was surprisingly engaging and at the end of the day it was rather hard to put an end to the discussion.

Afterwards, each group presented the outcome in front of the audience and each participant was presented a certificate.

Toward the end of the program a family photo was taken and participants were included in NISA mailing list for further correspondence.